The Guilds

Guilds are prevalent throughout the Kingdom. While it is not compulsory to be in a guild, membership does offer great advantages to any craftsman or trader. Thus, many desire to join the ranks of the guilds. The Guilds present in the kingdom are listed below.

The Saw and Mallet: The carpenters guild. The members all wear a distinctive pin depicting a two man saw crossed over a large wooden mallet. The main house is in Foreston, where their leader, Chief Builder Simeon Hann, and the highest officials reside. They have chapters in Rennaut, Kinson, and Baren’s Ford.

The Gilded Chisel: The carvers guild. This guild is largely concerned with the craft of wooden items such as furniture. Their goods are among the costliest available. The Guild is centered in Foreston under Master Ronal Illis, with its only other chapter in Kinson under Carver Dale Harvor.

The Moon’s Needle: Tailors guild. Centered in Rennaut under Mistress Liliana Nightweave, this guild has chapters in Sendell, Kinson, Baren’s Ford, Lower Rennaut, and Midway. Each chapter is small, only about half a dozen tailors, but their work is world renowned.

The Southern Sails: This guild is a shipwrights guild with one chapter- in Ships.

The Gods’ Hammer: The blacksmiths guild. The main house is in Easton under Headsmith Uri Furyfist. The only other hose is in Kinson, but there are smiths from The Gods’ Hammer in every town in Rennaut. They are identifiable by a tattoo of a thundering hammer on the chest. Any smiths bearing the tattoo who are not actually members of the guild are beaten with hammers until the tattoo is no longer visible or until it no longer matters.

The Weighed Anchor: This is less of a guild than it is a resting place for out of work sailors. They tend to have a house in every coastal town, marked by a silver anchor over the door.

The Brass Fist: A guild of soldiers, merchant guards, mercenaries, with houses in every major town and city. Most looking to hire mercenaries look to the Fist as their members have a reputation of being reliable (for mercenaries). As a result, most mercenaries also look to join the guild. The guild head is the loftily titled General Hrothgar Bulfis, a renowned soldier of Orcish descent.

Five Bardic guilds exist. Each has a different focus, and different requirements for entry:

The Westons: A large guild of bards of all range of skill and experience. All are graduates of Weston Bardic College, and many of the professors are members as well. The main goals of the guild are furthering the knowledge and collection of the school by searching out history and artifacts that have been lost over the ages. Headed by Dean Dregorin Malgovy.

Hemangway’s Voice: Graduates of the Hemangway School for the Arts, this is the most elite of the Bardic guilds. The members focus their efforts on the discovery of lore and the spinning of tales in expert fashion. Rather than focusing entirely on history, however, many bards of Hemangway’s Voice will join adventuring groups in order to have first hand accounts of the legends of tomorrow. Their leader is Chief-Poet Roscoe Bellen.

The Conservationists: Bards focusing on musical ability, graduates of the Conservatory will often join the guild on graduation. This guild focuses more on use of music as entertainment for the masses or for encouragement of adventuring groups. Most members are also attracted to the profit and fame that seeking the guild’s interests can gain them. They are overseen by Conductor Bosin Hingave.

Seekers of Qal’Tun: A group of independent bards from across the kingdom bent on uncovering the lost lore and artifacts of Qal’Tun. Their headquarters is in Lower Rennaut, guided by Seeker Loras Baes.

The Loremasters: This guild is made up of those who center their lives on retaining knowledge of the past and preserving artifacts. It is made up of many experienced bards, librarians, and others who value history. Admission is based on significant contribution to the pool of lore, typically through a dissertation-style submission of the applicant’s writing. Being a Loremaster is the most prestigious rank an historian can acquire.

The Guilds

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