Jarvis QuickTongue



Jarvis has a pet dog. A blond Jack Russell Terrier who is always with him. His name is Zack.


Jarvis is the nephew and namesake of Tony Quick Tongue. Tony, who trained as mage in The Academy, taught Jarvis some sorcery at a young age. He could see that his nephew had arcane capabilities and could possibly grow to be a powerful mage, like himself. Jarvis was torn between his love for his uncle and a love of the written and spoken word. Jarvis was determined to be a Bard. As he trained he quickly found that his uncle’s instruction paired well with the bardic arts to influence the local masses.

What will Jarvis do with mage abilities in a country hostile to magic users? Will he use his advantage to rise in power? Or will he follow the artists path and gain prestige? Or will fate or an even greater power steer Jarvis into a journey unforeseen?

Jarvis QuickTongue

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