Chief Priest Deckard VIII

Chief Priest of the Church


Chief Priest Deckard VIII is the current head of the Church. Before gaining this seat Deckard was a renowned paladin, questing throughout the mountains to the east. Above all, Deckard has always sought to defend the Faithful and to end all Heathen practice. Unlike most paladins, however, he was willing to accept the surrender and repentance of heathens he encountered. As his reputation spread, many did repent rather than face his wrath.

While the Chief Priest is not opposed to war, he has never been particularly warlike. He views killing as a necessary punishment, but does not revel in it. In every instance, he would prefer not to have to kill. This fact has won him much favor with the Celibates of the Church, who embrace and strictly adhere to a practice of nonviolence.

However, he does highly value justice and the faith. As such, he has mobilized the paladins against the Heathen in the countries surrounding Rennaut. He has also threatened excommunication for all mages, reportedly from a hope to win them back to the Church. These acts have gained him much favor among the more conservative elements of the Faithful.

Among the general population, Deckard is also generally revered. Having come from a working family in the fort town of Brallia, he grew up rather poor. He began his service to the Church at the age of fourteen, first attending seminary for a year, then taking combat training in his home town before returning for two additional years of education at the seminary. At the age of nineteen, he began questing in the mountains on the eastern border of Rennaut. He proved his prowess with the blade time and time again, defeating all variety of monsters. The treasure he gained in these quests was always given to the Church with the request that it be given to the poor.

Throughout his years of questing, Deckard often took furloughs to return to the seminary for times of meditation and prayer. During the course of these he also taught students, focusing particularly on educating them about heresy. But he also served in minor roles within the Church, especially enjoying working with children. In fact, many citizens of Southtown and Rennaut remember him fondly from their childhood as a near uncle who was always ready with a laugh and would happily carry them on his shoulders. It was rare to see him outside of the seminary without at least a few children hanging off of him.

In general Deckard is seen as peaceful and kind, despite his willingness to draw sword at need. He has not been particularly ambitious, but has been willing to accept leadership when asked. As such, he rose to leadership within the seminary, then within the order of paladins, then finally leadership over the Church. While still not working out of ambition, his popularity and his certainty in his faith and convictions have caused many to flock to the service of the Church. As a result, he has gained great power within the kingdom; some say that he is more powerful even than the King. This power has not gone to his head, but he is using it for the good of the Church.

Chief Priest Deckard VIII

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